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Sky Sports reporter gets an ear full of dildo live on air

- September 1st, 2014

So you’re one of many Sky Sports reporters dotted around Britain assigned to cover soccer player transfers as the market window closes and …

BAM! Sex toy to the face!

It even got its own Twitter account.

So … yeah, that happened.

Marchand is an awful singer and Bergeron jams for NHL 15

- August 29th, 2014

If you need to see one more annoying thing by Brad Marchand in your life, you’ve come to the right place.

EA Sports released two advertisements Friday for its upcoming NHL 15 title featuring the Boston Bruins winger and teammate Patrice Bergeron.

Both show each star performing on stage in full gear to express how much they love the video game. It’s incredibly cheesy.

Let’s start with Marchand, who puts on an acoustic set.

If you didn’t understand half of what he said, don’t worry, your hearing is perfectly fine. He’s just bad.

Here are the lyrics:

I just took a trip to hockey heaven

They turned it up way past eleven

My face just melted and my heart did, too

Not gonna lie, I can’t ever quit you

NHL 15, you got me all twisted up

Dang, just like I won the Cup

The audience holding up lighters at the end was laying it on pretty thick.

Now for Bergeron, who does some kind of beatnik, def jam poetry session.

This actually isn’t so bad, and shows an unexpected side of Bergeron. He’s not a boring actor.

Also, you can make out the words — yes, that was “shinny” he said, not the other thing you were thinking about.

The audience finger snaps at the end, though. Again, too much.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s a gameplay trailer to whet your appetite.

Let’s hope they addressed the skin tone issue from the last game.

Want to catch a foul ball? Here’s where you should sit

- August 29th, 2014

Every baseball fan dreams of one day grabbing a foul or home run ball. Now there’s an iPhone app designed to help fulfil that wish.

The folks at IdealSeat have been collecting data since 2012 on balls that land in the seats in different MLB ballparks and are compiling a guide to display which sections on average get the most action.

It’s a neat tool considering each stadium has unique dimensions and obviously the home team roster has its own hitting quirks.

For example, here’s a heat map of where balls land in Citi Field, home of the New York Mets.


Your best shot at grabbing a ball is to sit in Section 110.

So far, the app only includes six ballparks — Citi Field, PNC Park, Camden Yards, Safeco Field, AT&T Park and Tropicana Field — but developers are trying to add more by asking the public to help map where balls land in exchange for free tickets.

It should be noted, however, that despite all of the data fans still have a slim chance of getting a ball. Even hot spots, which can include hundreds of seats, might get one or two balls per game.

The app also includes info on weather and stadium concessions, plus ways to buy tickets from partner companies.

(h/t Time)

Yankees catcher takes foul ball directly to the crotch

- August 28th, 2014

Gentlemen, this may be hard to watch.

Francisco Cervelli lived out every catcher’s nightmare Wednesday, taking a foul ball directly to his groin.

No deflection. No bounce off the dirt. Straight from bat to jewels.

No, guys, it was definitely not a hit to his collarbone.

Cervelli eventually recovered — somehow, some way — and stayed in the game for the New York Yankees.

Let’s hope Detroit Tigers batter Rajai Davis does something nice for the fella.

(h/t Deadspin)

We have a new challenger for worst first pitch

- August 27th, 2014

Hey, 50 Cent, you’re off the hook.

So are you, Miss Texas.

This Astros fan might have thrown the worst ceremonial pitch ever.

Judging by the reaction, Orbit the mascot agrees.