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Yankees catcher takes foul ball directly to the crotch

- August 28th, 2014

Gentlemen, this may be hard to watch.

Francisco Cervelli lived out every catcher’s nightmare Wednesday, taking a foul ball directly to his groin.

No deflection. No bounce off the dirt. Straight from bat to jewels.

No, guys, it was definitely not a hit to his collarbone.

Cervelli eventually recovered — somehow, some way — and stayed in the game for the New York Yankees.

Let’s hope Detroit Tigers batter Rajai Davis does something nice for the fella.

(h/t Deadspin)

We have a new challenger for worst first pitch

- August 27th, 2014

Hey, 50 Cent, you’re off the hook.

So are you, Miss Texas.

This Astros fan might have thrown the worst ceremonial pitch ever.

Judging by the reaction, Orbit the mascot agrees.

Eugenie Bouchard (sort of) accepts dude’s invitation to prom

- August 26th, 2014

This guy had a shot to ask out Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard, and he didn’t let it go to waste.

A video was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday by a user named David Wu.

OK, so that was a bit of a sarcastic “Yes” but a kid can dream, right?

It looks like the video might have been recorded earlier this month. A search on Twitter for Wu brings up this pic posted Aug. 4, during the Rogers Cup in Montreal.

Bouchard had a match Tuesday at the U.S. Open but is wearing a practice outfit in the clip.

Either way, it’s a neat insight into how Bouchard treats her fans. Pretty well, I’d say.

So here’s to you, David. Good luck.

Blues’ Ryan Reaves doesn’t like the look of his NHL 14 model

- August 26th, 2014

St. Louis Blues enforcer Ryan Reaves has a message for EA Sports: Don’t take that tone with me!

The 27-year-old from Winnipeg noticed something was off about his player model in the NHL 14 video game Monday.

For you see, this is Ryan Reaves on the ice …


… and this is Ryan Reaves in the game. The screenshot was taken by our very own Matt Day.


See the difference?

For a company that tries to make its sports simulations as realistic as possible, it seems by all appearances somebody didn’t bother to look at a photo of Reaves and just rolled with the fact he’s a black player.

EA Sports. It’s in the game. Or not.

At least it resulted in this pleasant exchange with Blues goalie Brian Elliott and ex-teammate Chris Stewart.

Tightest curls in the league. Do they have a stat for that?

(h/t SB Nation)

50 Cent dares Mayweather to read Harry Potter for charity

- August 22nd, 2014

Floyd Mayweather has been feuding with several rappers lately, and now one of them is out to embarrass the world’s highest-paid athlete.

The most recent public spat spawned after Mayweather made the following comments to Thursday in reference to artists like 50 Cent, Nelly and T.I.

“What’s so crazy is this: You know, when people are not relevant, and they’re not moving units like they were once moving … you’ve got to realize, I’ve been relevant for 18 years,” Mayweather said.

Piggybacking his name is what hip-hop artists seek when confronting him, he added.

“God has blessed me with an unbelievable talent, with fast feet, fast hands, unbelievable defense and a very, very sharp mind. So I’m thankful for that. Of course, hip-hop artists, they come and go. They come and go. But I’m still here,” Mayweather said.

50 Cent wasn’t going take those shots lying down. In the spirit of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Fiddy challenged the undefeated boxer to read one page of a Harry Potter book. If he does so, the rapper will donate $750,000 to a charity of Mayweather’s choice.

Warning: Strong language.

That’s a lot of freaking dough to put up just to burn somebody.

But why would a guy who can’t throw a baseball to save his life dare his former friend to complete such a simple task?

It might be because he knows something we don’t.

Here’s a clip from Friday’s broadcast of The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 FM, a New York hip-hop and R&B radio station, in which Mayweather struggles to read a brief promo.

It’s a cringe-worthy performance, but a single example also isn’t enough to judge one’s reading ability.

Either way, it’s doubtful we’ll see a conclusion.

Maybe these guys could, you know, donate ridiculous amounts of money to charity out of the goodness of their hearts.

(h/t Deadspin)