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- November 20th, 2013

OTTAWA _ Call them the soul-searching Senators.
They certainly are doing plenty of it these days.
Coming off a 5-2 loss to the Philadelphia Flyers Tuesday _ the club’s second straight _ the Senators sounded like a team doing a lot of naval-gazing to try to get its act together.
That’s the problem isn’t it: We are 21 games into the season and these guys haven’t got their act together.
“The most important (skill) that I feel we don’t have going on is listening. If someone is talking and no one is listening… there’s nothing going on. It’s like the tree in the forest hyperbole,” said coach Paul MacLean this morning.
MacLean said he has concerns this is happening at this juncture. No kidding. It shouldn’t be. The website suggests the Senators have only a 35% chance of making the playoffs at this stage.
“Our biggest opponent is us. We have to find a way to get over us at the moment,” said MacLean.
Captain Jason Spezza said they are trying to find way.
“We’re still struggling with our consistency. We all can be better. It starts with me and the veteran guys,” said Spezza. “If we can lead by example then, hopefully, we can find a way out of this.
“We talk about (getting better) because you guys ask us about it. We want to get better. We’re working at things and we’re changing some things. The reason we talk about it so much is because you guys ask about it. We’d prefer not to talk about it and just work at it.”
I expected they’d be in disarray when I got back from my trip to Chicago to see the Bears at Soldier Field. I didn’t think it would be this desperate. Not at all.
Craig Anderson starts tonight.

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  1. Big Zack Mulligan | November 20, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    How about Cowen and Corvo for Yakupov, maybe even a draft pick going out west as well? This team as it is built won’t be making the playoffs, lacks leadership, structure and defensive responsibility. Shoulda woulda coulda picked Phillips as captain, keeping an A on Spezza’s chest in the process; keeping him as part of the leadership core without having to place all the pressure directly on him. Never really thought of Spezza as a vocal leader, and I don’t think he can lead by example either what with the no-look passes, bad giveaways etc that is part of his game. Players not listening to the coach? They are all probably too interested in what’s giong on on their facebook or twitter pages to even bother paying attention during meetings and after practice discussions, gotta be first to post what we all jsut ate for lunch – right? Maybe like last season we just need a boatload of injuries to happen so that some hungry Bingo boys will come up and make a difference…

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