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Nets, Bulls show off candy cane Christmas-themed NBA uniforms

- December 25th, 2013

There’s a reason some call the NFL the “No Fun League.”

If a player or team in the National Football League tried this gimmick they’d receive a stiff fine from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

In the NBA, though, Christmas is one of the busiest days/nights of the season.

It’s also a time when teams can let loose and have a bit of fun with what they wear.

Maybe too much fun.

For instance, take Wednesday’s game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Chicago Bulls.


Not only were both teams wearing sleeves, which made the jerseys look more like soccer uniforms, they were wearing candy cane socks.

Because, you know, it’s Christmas – a time when just about everyone has the right to look ridiculous.


Nonetheless, we’re thinking the Nets’ black and white, zebra-like combo offered the best look Wednesday in this all-important Eastern Conference showdown.


Heck, anything’s better than that time the Toronto Raptors busted out these shocking kits.


Merry Christmas,
The Canoe Sports Team

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