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Soccer announcer takes ‘homer’ role to new heights

- November 20th, 2013


It’s the worst thing you can call a broadcaster — or any other type of media hack — or sports official. Basically, it’s an accusation that you disregard impartiality and favour the home team.

Well, in some circles (Portugal in this case), broadcasters take the word to whole new level. And they’re pretty unabashed in their support.

Don’t believe me? Listen to the dude doing the play-by-play of the Portugal-Sweden World Cup qualifier Tuesday. You don’t need to speak Portugese — I’ve picked up enough to know obrigado means thank you, which is used in this video — to know what he’s going on about.

Pretty sure he needed a new pair of knickers after that, um, enthusiastic call of Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal that clinched Portugal’s spot in next year’s World Cup in Brazil.

But, hey, judge for yourself.

Could be worse, I suppose. We could have to listen to some clown yell “goaaaaalllllll” for an hour and a half, like this guy.

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