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UFC president orders up a white Christmas in Las Vegas

- December 24th, 2013

This little tidbit will have most Canadians asking one question.


UFP president Dana White decided to make his Las Vegas home a little more Christmasy by importing snow to cover his driveway. Not his front lawn, which would look kinda cool. Nope, White had the snow dumped on his driveway.

And he tweeted a photo of it as proof.


This is precisely the scenario Canadians hope to avoid. Anyone who has to shovel their driveway during our harsh winters — yes, I include myself in that — must be shaking their head in disbelief.

But, I suppose if you’ve got enough money to import snow to Vegas (the temperature on Christmas Eve was 19C) so your kids can go sledding, you can afford to pay someone to clear it away.

Or, I suppose, just wait for it to melt.


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