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Tarnished Rings?

- July 29th, 2012

As I watched the opening ceremony of the 30th Olympiad, the parade of nations, I couldn’t help but wonder how some countries scored an invitation… countries whose devotion to fair play and sportsmanship, might fall a tad short of the Olympic ideal.

Team Assad

At the ’48 games in London, Germany and Japan were ‘persona non grata’, for the part they played in World War Two.  Despite suffering a well deserved thrashing at the hands of the Allies, they were tagged as “aggressor nations”, still unworthy to play with others.

Yet, on Friday night, as the world looked on, delegations from “black hat” nations were warmly welcomed, as they strode proudly into the stadium.

There was Ahmadinejad’s, Jew hating Iran.  Kim Jong-un’s, sabre-rattling North Korea… and unbelievably, Bashar al-Assad’s, blood-soaked Syria! 

Might these be classified as “aggressor nations?”  Do ya think!

There were many others of course, Communist states and dictatorships, monarchies and theocracies… oppressive, misogynistic, world hoods, always plotting to expand their influence.

It’s an ugly fact, that from time to time, dealing with these “devils” is unavoidable.  Because of our need for goods, or for national security reasons, we may not have much of a choice… but do we have to PLAY with them, invite them to the party!?  Put me down, for NO!

Major international events, like the Olympic Games, should be open to free and democratic societies, ONLY!  And never AGAIN, should the undemocratic be awarded the games!

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) should no more invite nations like Iran, than I would invite the neo-Nazi skinhead living down the street, (if there was one) to a backyard bar-b-cue!  

Team Ayatollah

There are those who argue, that by “playing” with these despotic nations, we’re afforded the opportunity to influence them, help them see the “light”… win their hearts and minds.


Tell that to a billion plus, oppressed Chinese, whose leadership, by the way, along with Russia’s new Czar, Putin, are still onside with the Syrian butcher, Assad!

Any good parent will tell you, you don’t reward bad behavior… maybe the IOC should speak to one.

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Muslim Cleric Makes Clothing Call For Canuck Chicks!

- July 16th, 2012

So, according to a street corner Islamic preacher in Toronto, what this country needs is a “dress code” for women… a law that would require them to “cover up”, eliminating the likelihood of sexual assault.

Big Al!

One, Al-Haashim Kamena Alangana believes, that the recent attacks at York University could have been avoided, if our ladies were forced to don the more modest dress of Muslim women.

Quick!  Somebody get a net… or a ticket for this cat back to the 12th century!  Like maybe Afghanistan.  I hear the Taliban have a few openings!

Like all Muslim men who insist their women be decked out in, what I call the “beekeeper suit”, Mr. Atangana, in my humble opinion, is a misogynist pig! (I can’t spell chauvinist)

The truth, as I see it, is that this is about dominance, not modesty… perpetrated on women for centuries by insecure men who fear they don’t have the right “stuff” to hang onto a woman… a way of discouraging any challenge for what is THEIRS… an attempt to keep the “hounds” off!  They, like Mr. A. believe that if you can’t get a peek at the goods, you won’t want the goods.

Of course, they, he, couldn’t be more wrong.  Cocooning your gal in bolts of cloth does not discourage unsolicited advances.  For God’s (your choice) sake man, read a book, or a newspaper… catch a newscast!

Show me a Muslim woman who’s ever tripped (literally) through the streets of Cairo, who’s never had her tucked away tuckus touched, (or much worse!) and I’ll show you a woman too quick to catch!

Now, normally I wouldn’t dare presume to speak on behalf of our Canadian lasses, but in this case I think I’m safe.

I believe, given the opportunity, they would say to friend, Atangana… “Drop dead, Jack!”…

Or…“Catch a flight out of Pearson!”


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