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Misfire Miley

- September 2nd, 2013

Ok, Miley, we get it.

You THINK you’re all growed up now!

You’ve cropped off the mouse ears and the Hannah halo, and bellow your new found, “maturity”, by twerking your naked ass and employing foul language.

Assad Young Lady

Yes, dressin’ like a slut and spittin’ out the ‘f’ word, shows us all that you’re now an adult.


In your interview with Britain’s Sunday People, you announce to the world, “I’m so f**ked up. I don’t have a normal life. I have so many f**king issues.” (She kisses her mother with that mouth!?)


Is poor, young, attractive, talented and stinkin’ rich Miley, having a rough go? Or is this just a grab for sympathy from a growing number of critics, who feel you’ve royally screwed  your image adjustment?

While I strongly suspect it’s the latter, Miss Miley, like most with a life, I FRANKLY DON’T GIVE A DAMN!

It’s time to grow the hell up, girl!

And please, do us all a favour…drag along that boob, Bieber!


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Enough, Already!!!

- August 25th, 2013

Solution to the coo-coo nests that are Syria and the Middle -East?

%$&#@* REFRESH!!!








Would you hit it?


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Why Satellite TV Is Good For You!

- August 13th, 2013

For the couch potato, satellite tele….





If not for the constant interu….





When every passing cloud knocks out the signal, up I get and….





As long as the refrigerator isn’t my destination,  the never ending ups and downs and moving about, are beni….



So, for great, sporadic entertainment, and a workout, (pacing, kicking, throwing and cussin’) ya can’t beat satellite tel….







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She Stays! YOU go!

- July 14th, 2013

At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, or even worse, un-Canadian, I have but two words for the three foreigners who are demanding to be Canadians on their terms…EXACTLY, those are the two!

This trio, an Israeli, Jamaican and Irishman, would like to be sworn members of Club Canada, without pledging allegiance to our head of state, that being, Her Majesty, her heirs and successors.

Go ahead, ...

They claim, before our courts, that the oath is a violation of their constitutional rights, a discriminatory requirement that assaults their beliefs.

Now, if this is truly how the three amigos feel, the obvious question is…WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING HERE!?

It’s never been a secret that Canada’s a Constitutional Monarchy that requires the oath; as far as we know they weren’t forced here at gunpoint; and unless their asses are nailed to a mighty maple, they’re free to leave at any time!

But we all know that’s unlikely…’tis too good a deal, this Canada.

I believe what we have here, are three, agenda pushing s-disturbers who are playing politics with our heritage…a right they enjoy, thanks to the Crown.

I would strongly suggest, that if their preference is indeed a Republic, they can (those two words again) down the road to the big shiny one to the south…two, three hours tops…Utopia!

It would certainly be a challenge, but we’d do our best to struggle on without them.


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Disgruntled Geezers Play The ‘Age Card’…Trudeau Pays!

- June 16th, 2013

The Grace Foundation in New Brunswick should be thoroughly ashamed of itself.

Just over a year ago, in an effort to raise money for furniture in a senior’s complex, they booked Justin Trudeau for a public speaking gig…paid him $20,000.

Following Justin’s appearance, here’s what the Foundation posted on its website:

Justin T.

An Evening with Justin Trudeau

Posted July 3, 2012 in News

On Wednesday June 27, Grace Foundation hosted its inaugural fund raising event. Guest speaker Justin Trudeau spoke passionately about our roles and responsibilities as Canadians in the global community, challenging each individual to consider his or her contribution toward positive change. Following the formal presentation, audience members had an opportunity to pose questions and engage in conversation. Audience members agree it was an evening to remember.

While giving the impression the night was a hit, event organizers knew it was a flop, at least fundraising wise.

Only 150 tickets were sold, leaving the Foundation $21,000 in the red.

So, last week, Foundation board member, Susan Buck, whined publicly about the loss, demanding young Mr. Trudeau return his speaking fee.

Of course, all hell broke loose, something I’m sure Ms. Buck was counting on.

Pressured by public opinion, and opposition condemnation, Mr. T. has announced he will return the money. In fact, in an effort to recoup any lost points, he’s willing to return all monies made from public speaking, since becoming an MP four years ago…$277,000.

Trudeau says he’ll meet with the various groups and organizations and those that want their money back, will get it.

Obviously, he didn’t have a choice. Portrayed as a rich, heartless, wannabe Prime Minister, it was his only move.

I’m sure the Grace Foundation knows, like most of us, that when you spend money to make money, it doesn’t always pan out…investments CAN go south.

It also knows that taking on the role of victims, a sad bunch of gouged geezers, can pay off.

While I may feel sorry for the Foundation’s loss, I think the way it does business, sucks.

As the saying goes; “you pays your money, and you takes your chances.”


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