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Thanks, Sicko!

- June 12th, 2013

I’d like to say thank you to Mac Bool Hassan.

It’s a posthumous nod of gratitude, a deserved tip of the hat for his favour to society.

He not only saved taxpayers the cost of his incarceration, but more importantly, insured he would never again prey upon defenseless children.

Won't be missed

From the time she was seven, until her escape at fifteen, Hassan abused his little stepdaughter, physically and sexually…she’d be dragged by the hair, beaten and kicked, forced to submit to his sick demands.

Last month, this 50-year old pervert was found guilty, 13 counts of physical and sexual abuse…he’d also assaulted the girl’s half-brother.

Tuesday morning, Hassan was found hanging in his Don Mills home…he’d escaped sentencing that afternoon.

Unfortunately, the little girl he terrorized, now a young woman, has been victimized again.

She’s angry, and feels cheated.

“For five years I waited for justice and I wanted him to suffer justice in jail, to feel the pain that I felt,” she wept. “I was supposed to get closure and he took his life. I am in shock. I never expected this.”

While I understand how she feels, I also know, like most of you do, slugs like Hassan seldom get the jail time deserved…the punishment not fitting crime. Our definition of “justice” in this country is in desperate need of a makeover.

Mac Bool Hassan was a convicted monster…if only more like him were so accommodating.

If you’d like more on this tragic story, check out the article by Sun reporter, Sam Pazzano…and take note of the role played by the Children’s AID Society.


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Muslim Cleric Makes Clothing Call For Canuck Chicks!

- July 16th, 2012

So, according to a street corner Islamic preacher in Toronto, what this country needs is a “dress code” for women… a law that would require them to “cover up”, eliminating the likelihood of sexual assault.

Big Al!

One, Al-Haashim Kamena Alangana believes, that the recent attacks at York University could have been avoided, if our ladies were forced to don the more modest dress of Muslim women.

Quick!  Somebody get a net… or a ticket for this cat back to the 12th century!  Like maybe Afghanistan.  I hear the Taliban have a few openings!

Like all Muslim men who insist their women be decked out in, what I call the “beekeeper suit”, Mr. Atangana, in my humble opinion, is a misogynist pig! (I can’t spell chauvinist)

The truth, as I see it, is that this is about dominance, not modesty… perpetrated on women for centuries by insecure men who fear they don’t have the right “stuff” to hang onto a woman… a way of discouraging any challenge for what is THEIRS… an attempt to keep the “hounds” off!  They, like Mr. A. believe that if you can’t get a peek at the goods, you won’t want the goods.

Of course, they, he, couldn’t be more wrong.  Cocooning your gal in bolts of cloth does not discourage unsolicited advances.  For God’s (your choice) sake man, read a book, or a newspaper… catch a newscast!

Show me a Muslim woman who’s ever tripped (literally) through the streets of Cairo, who’s never had her tucked away tuckus touched, (or much worse!) and I’ll show you a woman too quick to catch!

Now, normally I wouldn’t dare presume to speak on behalf of our Canadian lasses, but in this case I think I’m safe.

I believe, given the opportunity, they would say to friend, Atangana… “Drop dead, Jack!”…

Or…“Catch a flight out of Pearson!”


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In Canada?! Pity!

- June 4th, 2012

I can’t help but wonder what those beyond our borders think of us these days.  Image wise, it’s been a rough week for the Great White North.

First, there was 29-year old Luka Rocco Magnotta, on the run, wanted for the murder, butchering and cannibalizing of 33-year old Jun Lin, a Chinese exchange student in Montreal.

Sick Bastard! (Alleged)

Details of the grisly crime, posted body parts, etc., grabbing headlines around the globe.

On Monday, thanks to a sharp-eyed employee at an internet cafe in Berlin, the man the foreign media dubbed “The Canadian Psycho” was nabbed by the Polizei.  He didn’t resist, muttering only, “Okay, you got me.”

Then there was Saturday evening, when the eyes of the world were focused on the biggest mall in the biggest city in this country… the Eaton Centre in Toronto.

A lone gunman, with an apparent score to settle, opened fire in the mall’s crowded food court.  He killed a man, believed to be at least one of his intended targets, and wounded six other people… including a 13-year old boy.

Monday morning, accompanied by his lawyer, 23-year old Christopher Husbands, already under house arrest for an unrelated crime, (THAT was effective!) turned himself in.

Like all nations, we produce our share of monsters and madmen… Olson, Bernardo, Pickton, to name but a few.  The sad reality is we’re no different than anywhere else in this regard.

But I think we like to think we are, and I think others, think likewise…. or they did.

Mass murder, dismemberment, CANNIBALISM… IN CANADA!?

That’s soooo… UN-Canadian!

If only it were true.

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Mayor Miffed With 22-Minutes!

- October 31st, 2011

When the gang of CBC’s ‘This Hour Has 22 Minutes’ showed up in the driveway of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford last Monday, no-one could have predicted the nonsense to follow.

Refusing to play ball with the comedy crew in one of their ‘ambush the politician’ bits, an irritated Ford stormed back into his house… and called the cops!

Rob And 22-Min. Marg!

As the minutes (at least 10) passed like hours, and with Fort Ford still under siege by the lefty comics, the city’s fearless leader made another appeal for reinforcements.

However, this time, according to CBC sources, he “turned on the (911) dispatcher, yelling: “You … bitches!  Don’t you f…ing know?  I’m Rob f…ing Ford, the Mayor of this city!

For the talk show crowd it was mana from heaven (guilty)… and a week of silly was off and running!

Did the Mayor really use the ‘F’ word and the ‘B’ word?  Did he truly believe he was under “attack”… his little girl “traumatized”?

Was ’22 Minutes’ out of line, ambushing the Mayor at his home… and were those CBC “sources” reliable?

Eventually, the Mayor did confess to using the ‘F’ word, but not in the context quoted, and apologized for it… but he denied using the ‘B’ word. 

As far as is known, no-one outside the cop shop has actually heard the 911 calls, but Chief Bill Blair says he has, and according to him, the Mayor did NOT use the ‘B’ word.  However, the CBC ain’t buyin’ it, sticking with its’ “multiple, credible, well-placed” sources.

So, who’s telling the truth?  If the Mayor is lying, would the Chief be stupid enough to cover for him?  Does the CBC really have the straight poop?

Unless the tapes of the calls are made public, which apparently the Mayor can arrange, we may never know.

Personally, I think the whole thing is ridiculous!  While 22-Minutes may have been out of line pulling this stunt at the Mayors’ home, and should consider an apology, His Worship overreacted… BIG TIME!

Mr. Ford, release those tapes and prove the CBC wrong!

It is wrong, right?

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Terrified Teachers!

- June 14th, 2011

It’s without a doubt a disturbing story… one of a growing number about the sad state of affairs in some of our schools.

It’s about bullying.  Not students bullying classmates… but TEACHERS being bullied… by their STUDENTS!

St Thomas Aquinas

Just another example, I suspect, of how the kid glove approach, a lack of effective discipline, has led to a level of disrespect that was unimaginable back in the day.

The London District Catholic School Board has received a petition. It’s signed by more than 60% of the teachers at St. Thomas Aquinas High School… who claim they live in FEAR of some of their students!

It talks about slap-on-the-wrist suspensions for serious offences, such as threatening physical harm… “Students who wilfully put teachers, their families, and/or other students at risk should be permanently removed from the school.  Certain disciplinary actions have been taken, but these actions have not adequately ensured the safety of staff and students.”

Some cases, like one involving two students charged with robbing and ransacking a teacher’s home, are before the courts.

These teachers are right.  Kids who threaten others should be anywhere but in a classroom.  Kick the punks out!  The teachers don’t want them… and their classmates won’t miss them!

Now, I know the bleeding hearts will cry, “But, what will become of them?”  Well, to quote Capt. Butler… “Frankly, I don’t give a damn!”  The priority should be a safe environment for both teachers and students.


The Board and school, by the way, say they’re working to address the concerns.

Call me an ‘ol fart, a throwback or a dinosaur, but I believe discipline in our schools hit the skids when they outlawed corporal punishment.

A teacher of mine once told me that he didn’t care if a respected him or feared him… either way, I WOULD behave.

It turned out he was right. 

After one date with the strap… I had all kinds of “respect!”

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