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Hey! Look At Me! Over Here! Hey!!

- September 17th, 2013

Daren Miller of Calgary is a special person, at least he thinks so, and he’d like the rest of the world to believe likewise.

Eighteen years ago Daren graduated from St. Mary’s University in Halifax, and up until today, (Tuesday) held two of its bachelor degrees.

Daren Da Dude!

Saying he’s disgusted by a frosh week chant that glorified the sexual assault of underage girls, Daren, with media in tow, marched on his alma mater and handed over his papers to the school’s registrar.

“To me, those degrees are valueless,” said Miller. “I wanted to distance myself (from) the embarrassment and shame I felt from this sort of culture…I am not that kind of guy.”

Is Daren suggesting that those who don’t dump their degrees, ARE “that kind of guy”, a “guy” that might endorse, “this sort of culture?”

In my view, Mr. Miller is just seeking attention with his over-the-top reaction, so you may want to be sure to tweet his praises and score him a “like” on Facebook.

Saint Mary’s, like other schools “frosh bitten”, has soundly denounced the dirty little chant, butts have been kicked and apologies given…Miller’s theatrics, not really necessary.

Then again, maybe our daughter should return her diploma from Guelph University.

It’s signed by Chancellor…Pamela Wallin!

Does SHE want to be…”THAT kind of guy?”


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Pussy Riot Punished For Putin Put Down!

- August 19th, 2012

It wouldn’t be surprising if those three members of the Russian, punk rock group, Pussy Riot, were soon pardoned… or at the very least cut a great deal of slack.

The heat is on, and President Vladimir Putin and the questionably righteous, Russian Orthodox Church, are taking a thumping on the world stage.

Vlad The Bad!Slapped with a two-year prison sentence for their “guerilla” performance in a Moscow cathedral, these young women have become martyrs in the war against injustice.

Around the globe, outraged protesters have taken to the streets, echoing the cry of international rock stars (Madonna, McCartney, Sting, etc.) and Amnesty International… “Release, Pussy Riot!”

While their act of invading a church and banging out a tune, calling on the Virgin Mary to save Russia from Prez Putin, might be deemed a tad offensive, (they apparently have a history of rude and crude) it certainly doesn’t justify two-years in the pokey!

According to the judge, the gals were guilty of “hooliganism on grounds of religious hatred”… their actions, “sacrilegious and blasphemous!”

Really? THAT, was the crime? A cynical person might suspect, that had the target of their musical attack NOT been “Czar” Putin, had they instead belted out a rendition of say, ‘Hang on Sloopy’, their authoritarian overlords might have been more lenient.

Pussy Riot

It’s a well known fact that Herr Putin, a former KGB bigwig, has a very high opinion of himself.

His mirror, mirror on the wall, reflects a tough guy, an athletic adventurer… savior of the Russian people! (If you want a giggle, Google the guy)

This would be why he doesn’t let things like elections stand in his way, and why he and his lackeys will continue to stifle criticism.

IF, the Russian people have had enough, and truly want to put Putin in his place, they may want to praise the Pussy pretties… and stop behaving like the group’s moniker.


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Iranian Boss Boneheads Ban Bart!

- February 7th, 2012

First, it was Barbie.  Now, Iran’s mildew-minded Mullahs, are going after… The Simpsons!

Up Yours!

In their futile effort to stem “western intoxication”, the Republic’s top dogs (oops, my bad) have ordered the morality hounds (doh!) to sniff out any likeness of the Springfield clan… “Diese Bart Simpson puppe ist Verboten!” (Please employ Farsi accent)

According to one, Mohammad Hossein Farjoo, Secretary for Policy-making at the Institute for the Intellectual (gasp) Development of Children and Young Adults (phew!), The Simpsons, like Barbie, are corroding the morals of Iranian youts.

However, Herr Farjoo, who oversees what Iranian rug rats can play with, does give a nod of approval to some American action figures… like Superman and Spiderman.  The Farj points out, that unlike The Simpsons, who are a self-centered, irreligious bunch, The Man of Steel and Spidey battle for the oppressed!


Obviously, the Wacko-tollah and his gang of religious, Nazi-like numbnuts, are unfamiliar with the meaning of “oppressed”.

OBVIOUSLY, they fail to realize, that if Superman were real, if he in fact did exist… THEY WOULDN’T!  He’d punt their tight tuckuses (tucki?) to infinity and beyond!

Full Moon Over Tehran

He’s not faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but Bart Simpson packs a punch.  Just the thought, of his defiant, cheeky comeback gaining a foothold, scares the Hell out of Tehran.



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Pakistan Pulls Plug On “Profane” Texting!

- November 20th, 2011

It may still be OK to fart in Pakistan, but texting a friend about the experience, is now a no-no!

Jailed Speech

The less offensive ‘F’ word is just one, of about 15-hundred English and Urdu words, banned by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority… and cellphone companies have been told to block all text messages containing the ‘obscenities’!

Besides the obvious cusses, including THE ‘F’ word, the list contains a multitude of words deemed inappropriate, such as “gay”, “tongue’, “homosexual”, “intercourse”, “condom” and “hole”.  And, oh yes… “Jesus Christ.”  Surprised?

While Pakistan’s constitution guarantees freedom of expression, the PTA says free speech can be restricted… “in the interest of the glory of Islam!”

What a load of idiotic, ideological nonsense!  Oops, sorry! Can’t say that, either!

Is this yet another, obvious ‘heads up’?  No question.

As we battle twisted, religious zealots to bring rights and freedom to Afghanistan, ain’t it good to know that our “trusted ally” shares our values and has our back?


Price Paid

Despite all the diplomatic ‘nice’ talk from Washington, Ottawa and NATO, the fact is, we have one eye on the Taliban… the other on PakiBAN!

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Monday Night Football punts Hank Williams Jr.!

- October 11th, 2011

So, Monday Night Football has pulled the plug on Hank Williams Jr., ending a 22-year relationship and sacrificing one of the best theme songs in all of pro sports… “Are you ready for some football!?”  Yeah!!!

"Are you ready for some football!?"

Hank’s crime, in case you missed it, was using the “H” word… Hitler. (Apologies)

While talking politics on Fox and Friends,he said President Obama’s golf game with Speaker of the House, Republican, John Boehner … would be like the Nazi leader playing a round, with Israeli PM, Benny Netanyahu!

It was obviously an analogy, but those who didn’t get it, or didn’t WANT to get it claimed Hank was COMPARING the President to Der Fuhrer! 

What nonsense!

Nonetheless, ESPN retreated faster than a hound on a skunk!  It was more important to placate the sillies, kill any controversy and protect the bottom line, than send in the “D” for a long time friend.

How sad.

As I’m sure you’re more than aware, we live in an age of political correctness… and the PCer’s rule with an iron fist.  No matter how innocent, or unintentional a slight might be, the “offended“, are “traumatized” and must be given their pound of flesh.  While some may settle for a down on the knees, face in the dirt apology, many will accept nothing less than a shunning or termination.

And sadly, rather than fight for what’s right, corporate cowards cave under the pressure… a loyal employee kicked to the curb out of fear of controversy.

Maybe the boys on the board at ESPN should just drop Monday Night Football all together.  After all, If you’re going to be involved in a man’s sport, maybe you should be one.

 It’s time to strap on a BIG pair, guys… those tiny ones are unbecoming.

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