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The Crucifixion of Krista!

- September 3rd, 2012

There’s no argument. In any sexual assault, there’s only one party at fault… the perpetrator. The victim is innocent, blameless, even if she’s all dolled up like Hickory Holler’s tramp.

To suggest she was “asking for it” based on her dress, is not only unjust and hurtful, it’s ridiculous. I’ve yet to meet the woman who seeks to suffer a violent act.

Krista Ford

All women should be able to walk our streets day or night, without fear of being attacked. But the fact is SHOULD, won’t stop the bad guys… and never will.

No law, or any amount of education, will ever eliminate society’s predators.

While it may be viewed as “unfair”, or if you prefer, “sexist”, the reality is, unaccompanied women must always be cautious. Not paranoid, but aware of their vulnerability given the time and place.

In response to a series of sexual assaults in Toronto, Krista Ford, niece of Mayor Rob, tweeted some advice to women…. “Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self defence classes… and don’t dress like a whore!”

Not surprisingly, all Hell broke loose… the twitterverse overflowing with scolding tweets, condemnations of her “ignorant” views.

It was pointed out to Ms. Ford that conservative dress was no guaranteed defence against rape… that even women in burkas have been victimized.

She was accused of blaming the victim, that a woman dressed provocatively, was, to some degree, responsible for being attacked… told, that what a woman wears should never be an issue!

I would agree, it shouldn’t be… but in some cases, it COULD be.

To simply dimiss the possibilty, that a woman’s skimpy attire could be a contributing factor in an assault, is not only silly, but dishonest.

The fact is, a woman who dresses to get attention, does, at times, get the unwanted kind… as any hooker will tell you, advertising works.

Beaten down by the critics, Ms. Ford apologized for her tweet, saying she only wanted to keep women safe.

I, for one, believe her, and I don’t think an apology was necessary.

Again, women who suffer an attack, should never, ever, be burdened with blame… but they might be guilty of exercising poor judgement.

Ask any responsible parent, why they don’t allow their teenage daughter to dress like the latest tart-costumed, pop star.

I think they might tell you, that they live in the world that IS… not the world that SHOULD be.

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Iranian Boss Boneheads Ban Bart!

- February 7th, 2012

First, it was Barbie.  Now, Iran’s mildew-minded Mullahs, are going after… The Simpsons!

Up Yours!

In their futile effort to stem “western intoxication”, the Republic’s top dogs (oops, my bad) have ordered the morality hounds (doh!) to sniff out any likeness of the Springfield clan… “Diese Bart Simpson puppe ist Verboten!” (Please employ Farsi accent)

According to one, Mohammad Hossein Farjoo, Secretary for Policy-making at the Institute for the Intellectual (gasp) Development of Children and Young Adults (phew!), The Simpsons, like Barbie, are corroding the morals of Iranian youts.

However, Herr Farjoo, who oversees what Iranian rug rats can play with, does give a nod of approval to some American action figures… like Superman and Spiderman.  The Farj points out, that unlike The Simpsons, who are a self-centered, irreligious bunch, The Man of Steel and Spidey battle for the oppressed!


Obviously, the Wacko-tollah and his gang of religious, Nazi-like numbnuts, are unfamiliar with the meaning of “oppressed”.

OBVIOUSLY, they fail to realize, that if Superman were real, if he in fact did exist… THEY WOULDN’T!  He’d punt their tight tuckuses (tucki?) to infinity and beyond!

Full Moon Over Tehran

He’s not faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but Bart Simpson packs a punch.  Just the thought, of his defiant, cheeky comeback gaining a foothold, scares the Hell out of Tehran.



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Off Track Sport Trac Tangles with Pole! Or, “Sorry Dad, I Bent The Truck!”

- January 2nd, 2012

‘Twas almost the New Year and thanks to the ice…the driving was tricky, not very nice.

Cars slipping and sliding, some out of control…the unlucky, like us, maybe kissing a pole!’


For those who have driven for any length of time in the Great White North, it’s likely, at some point, you’ve experienced that feeling of total helplessness. No matter the caution taken, the experience or training, the elements will have their way. It’s a heart pounding journey of split-seconds… the outcome in the hands of the gods.

Returning home from supper Friday night, our son, the designated driver, was tossed a curve by Mother Nature… a flash freeze!

We started to slide! It was heart in the throat, hang on tight time!

As I fought the urge to bark out advice, I observed his reaction… no panic, it was text book. But, unfortunately, it was futile.

When I close my eyes, I can still see it… that menacing black column that appeared to be rushing our truck like a racing locomotive. There was no avoiding it. The point of impact would be the driver’s side… our son would take a direct hit!

I’ll never forget that bone-chilling THUD… the explosion of air-bags. The smoke-filled cab and the crunching sound of the hydro pole as it glanced off the roof and landed on the hood.

And I’ll never forget how it seemed like an eternity before I heard the voices of my wife and son assuring me they were fine.

Tough Ford!

While the driver’s side had been crumpled like discarded paper in a wastebasket, our son, momentarily trapped, managed to escape with minor cuts and bruises. Carol and I were likewise fortunate.

Those who have seen the damage just shake their heads. Depending on their beliefs, either Lady Luck had smiled upon us… or Devine intervention had allowed us to walk away. I’m not sure who, or what to credit, but I do know I couldn’t be more grateful.

And a special thanks to those who responded. Police, the CAA, and the number of concerned passersby who offered assistance… we truly appreciate it.

To them, and all of you (including the idiot who ignored the flashing lights and went into a skid, necessitating a ditch dive!)… A very Happy, and SAFE New Year!

P.S. Ford tough? Damn right!

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Merry Christmas!

- December 24th, 2011

Time out, world.

Merry Christmas!

From the Mott family to yours, Happy Holidays!

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a happy, healthy and prosperous New year!


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Mayor Makes Pitch To Legalize Pot!

- November 27th, 2011

Out in B.C this past week, some big guns sounded off, in support of the legalization of pot.

Mayor Robertson

In a letter to all of British Columbia’s MP’s, MLA’s, mayors and Councillors, four former Vancouver mayors stated, that “Marijuana prohibition is – without question – a failed policy”

In support of ‘Stop the Violence B. C.’, (a coalition of academics, legal experts and health professionals) the letter got a thumbs up from current Mayor, Gregor Robertson.  It highlighted the connections between pot and organized and crime, and challenged all elected officials to join the discussion on the “ineffectiveness and harms of cannabis prohibition.”

According to coalition member, retired RCMP Chief Superintendent, Vince Cain, “Legally regulating marijuana in B.C. would eliminate a primary source of revenue for these criminal groups, reduce gang violence and generate tax revenue.”

While many, over the years, have acknowledged the fact that the war on drugs has been a dismal failure, costing billions of dollars and countless lives, our Prime Minister isn’t one of them.

In response to the Mayor’s call for legalization, the PM said, “That will not happen under our government.  We’re strongly opposed to the legalization of drugs, and obviously we’re very concerned about the spread of drugs in the country and the damage we’re doing to our kids.”

Thanks, Steveo!

Kids joining gangs and killing over drug turf isn’t damaging?  Cartels stuffing their coffers and growing ever stronger isn’t damaging?

At some point, they’ll see the light on Parliament Hill.  But until they do, it’s all good for the bad guys!

I’m sure the card’s in the mail. 

A thank-you note… “from south of the border… down Mexico way.”

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