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Prime Minister Putz?

- November 18th, 2013

The biggest thing on Rob Ford?
NO!…it’s his TEFLON EGO!
Outfoxed on Fox, the meatheaded Mayor announced…”Yes, one day I do want to run for Prime Minister.”

Mike Hammered?To quote that Oscar winning rabbit…”What a maroon, what an ignoranimous!”
By the way, that guffawing and snorting you hear…is REALITY laughing its ass off!


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Thanks, Sicko!

- June 12th, 2013

I’d like to say thank you to Mac Bool Hassan.

It’s a posthumous nod of gratitude, a deserved tip of the hat for his favour to society.

He not only saved taxpayers the cost of his incarceration, but more importantly, insured he would never again prey upon defenseless children.

Won't be missed

From the time she was seven, until her escape at fifteen, Hassan abused his little stepdaughter, physically and sexually…she’d be dragged by the hair, beaten and kicked, forced to submit to his sick demands.

Last month, this 50-year old pervert was found guilty, 13 counts of physical and sexual abuse…he’d also assaulted the girl’s half-brother.

Tuesday morning, Hassan was found hanging in his Don Mills home…he’d escaped sentencing that afternoon.

Unfortunately, the little girl he terrorized, now a young woman, has been victimized again.

She’s angry, and feels cheated.

“For five years I waited for justice and I wanted him to suffer justice in jail, to feel the pain that I felt,” she wept. “I was supposed to get closure and he took his life. I am in shock. I never expected this.”

While I understand how she feels, I also know, like most of you do, slugs like Hassan seldom get the jail time deserved…the punishment not fitting crime. Our definition of “justice” in this country is in desperate need of a makeover.

Mac Bool Hassan was a convicted monster…if only more like him were so accommodating.

If you’d like more on this tragic story, check out the article by Sun reporter, Sam Pazzano…and take note of the role played by the Children’s AID Society.


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Ford Fumbles! Again!

- December 3rd, 2012

To quote that spinach loving, pipe smoking, squinty-eyed seafarer with the muscular forearms…“That’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!”

A Judge’s boot to Rob Ford’s behind is NOT an attack on democracy, as some are screeching… in fact it’s just the opposite, it’s democracy in action!

Da Mayor!

In his Honor’s opinion, Toronto’s good Burgermeister had violated the province’s conflict of interest guidelines… rules adopted by the people’s DEMOCRATICALLY elected representatives. 

The Mayor had addressed and voted on a financial issue that affected him directly… das ist verboten!

Again, those crying foul, who feel that only the people should have the right to remove the Mayor, fail to realize, the people DID!  Mr. Ford had violated the “people’s law”, and the penalty in this case was removal from office.

Why, the Mayor did what he did, or the sum of money involved, is irrelevant… WHAT he did broke the law!

If there are laws on the books that we disagree with, that we deem to be unjust, then obviously, we should fight to change them… employing the means afforded us in our democratic society.

We can’t just toss them off, and condemn those entrusted to enforce them… unless, of course, our goal is anarchy.

But, hey, the game ain’t over for T.O’s, rotund chain bearer.  The law that brought him down, allows Rob Ford, a chance to climb back up!

He’s appealed the Judge’s ruling, and will seek a stay pending the outcome.  If it’s not granted…then he’s out.  

However, he could soon return.

Should Toronto Council choose a by-election, (at a cost in the neighbourhood of $7-million!) as opposed to appointing a replacement, the Mayor’s been given leave, to try and retake his chair.

There are those who claim that the Mayor’s a victim of a left wing conspiracy, done in by the big city Bolsheviks.


Rob wasn’t robbed… the guy who got him, can be found in his mirror.

Ford fell because of ignorance or defiance… or a little bit of both.

Lesson learned?


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Pussy Riot Punished For Putin Put Down!

- August 19th, 2012

It wouldn’t be surprising if those three members of the Russian, punk rock group, Pussy Riot, were soon pardoned… or at the very least cut a great deal of slack.

The heat is on, and President Vladimir Putin and the questionably righteous, Russian Orthodox Church, are taking a thumping on the world stage.

Vlad The Bad!Slapped with a two-year prison sentence for their “guerilla” performance in a Moscow cathedral, these young women have become martyrs in the war against injustice.

Around the globe, outraged protesters have taken to the streets, echoing the cry of international rock stars (Madonna, McCartney, Sting, etc.) and Amnesty International… “Release, Pussy Riot!”

While their act of invading a church and banging out a tune, calling on the Virgin Mary to save Russia from Prez Putin, might be deemed a tad offensive, (they apparently have a history of rude and crude) it certainly doesn’t justify two-years in the pokey!

According to the judge, the gals were guilty of “hooliganism on grounds of religious hatred”… their actions, “sacrilegious and blasphemous!”

Really? THAT, was the crime? A cynical person might suspect, that had the target of their musical attack NOT been “Czar” Putin, had they instead belted out a rendition of say, ‘Hang on Sloopy’, their authoritarian overlords might have been more lenient.

Pussy Riot

It’s a well known fact that Herr Putin, a former KGB bigwig, has a very high opinion of himself.

His mirror, mirror on the wall, reflects a tough guy, an athletic adventurer… savior of the Russian people! (If you want a giggle, Google the guy)

This would be why he doesn’t let things like elections stand in his way, and why he and his lackeys will continue to stifle criticism.

IF, the Russian people have had enough, and truly want to put Putin in his place, they may want to praise the Pussy pretties… and stop behaving like the group’s moniker.


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In Canada?! Pity!

- June 4th, 2012

I can’t help but wonder what those beyond our borders think of us these days.  Image wise, it’s been a rough week for the Great White North.

First, there was 29-year old Luka Rocco Magnotta, on the run, wanted for the murder, butchering and cannibalizing of 33-year old Jun Lin, a Chinese exchange student in Montreal.

Sick Bastard! (Alleged)

Details of the grisly crime, posted body parts, etc., grabbing headlines around the globe.

On Monday, thanks to a sharp-eyed employee at an internet cafe in Berlin, the man the foreign media dubbed “The Canadian Psycho” was nabbed by the Polizei.  He didn’t resist, muttering only, “Okay, you got me.”

Then there was Saturday evening, when the eyes of the world were focused on the biggest mall in the biggest city in this country… the Eaton Centre in Toronto.

A lone gunman, with an apparent score to settle, opened fire in the mall’s crowded food court.  He killed a man, believed to be at least one of his intended targets, and wounded six other people… including a 13-year old boy.

Monday morning, accompanied by his lawyer, 23-year old Christopher Husbands, already under house arrest for an unrelated crime, (THAT was effective!) turned himself in.

Like all nations, we produce our share of monsters and madmen… Olson, Bernardo, Pickton, to name but a few.  The sad reality is we’re no different than anywhere else in this regard.

But I think we like to think we are, and I think others, think likewise…. or they did.

Mass murder, dismemberment, CANNIBALISM… IN CANADA!?

That’s soooo… UN-Canadian!

If only it were true.

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