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Hey! Look At Me! Over Here! Hey!!

- September 17th, 2013

Daren Miller of Calgary is a special person, at least he thinks so, and he’d like the rest of the world to believe likewise.

Eighteen years ago Daren graduated from St. Mary’s University in Halifax, and up until today, (Tuesday) held two of its bachelor degrees.

Daren Da Dude!

Saying he’s disgusted by a frosh week chant that glorified the sexual assault of underage girls, Daren, with media in tow, marched on his alma mater and handed over his papers to the school’s registrar.

“To me, those degrees are valueless,” said Miller. “I wanted to distance myself (from) the embarrassment and shame I felt from this sort of culture…I am not that kind of guy.”

Is Daren suggesting that those who don’t dump their degrees, ARE “that kind of guy”, a “guy” that might endorse, “this sort of culture?”

In my view, Mr. Miller is just seeking attention with his over-the-top reaction, so you may want to be sure to tweet his praises and score him a “like” on Facebook.

Saint Mary’s, like other schools “frosh bitten”, has soundly denounced the dirty little chant, butts have been kicked and apologies given…Miller’s theatrics, not really necessary.

Then again, maybe our daughter should return her diploma from Guelph University.

It’s signed by Chancellor…Pamela Wallin!

Does SHE want to be…”THAT kind of guy?”


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EX-MAS! P.S.,B.S.!

- December 4th, 2011

For those who like to wail about the war on Christmas, here’s something else to get you hoppin’.

Cambridge P.S.

An Ottawa area school, Cambridge P.S. in Embrun, has pulled the plug on its’ annual Christmas concert. Replacing the annual, festive event, will be a “holiday-themed craft night” and a “nondenominational concert”, sometime in February.

The reason’s a familiar one.  A small number of the students aren’t of the faith, so when the other kids are rehearsing for the concert, they’re forced to sit out, occasionally biding their time in the principal’s office.

While exposing kids of other faiths to Christianity may be risky, (it can spread faster than an air-born contagion) can’t we lessen the threat of contamination and avoid their exclusion?

Could the little non-believers just warble secular numbers, like Frosty the Snowman or Jingle Bells … from across the stage… not getting too close to the Christian kiddies and their Joy to the World?  Maybe earplugs and blindfolds for the overly cautious?  Would uptight parents and politically correct educators be willing to chance it!?

Obviously (there’s always those who don’t get it) I’m being facetious.  And obviously, like many of you, I’ve had it up to here (hand at neck) with this nonsense!

Sign of The TimesTis the season to be jolly!  So, let’s cut the crap and employ a simple solution to this “problem”.

A number of years back, at our kids’ school in Oakville, ALL took part in the Christmas concert, INCLUDING those kids of other beliefs, who shared songs of their faith and culture.  The children loved it, the parents loved it… it was not only fun, but educational!  And ain’t that what school should be all about?

Now, for the odd bigoted, tolerance deficient parent, who might balk at this accommodation, here’s what YOU can do.  Think PRIVATE school for your little darlin’.   

To all, a Merry Christmas… or a very Happy, WHATEVER!

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Je Peux T Parlent Francais!

- September 10th, 2011

Is the Prime Minister trying to woo Quebec or shoo Quebec?

In what some will take as a “what do you think of that” move, the PM has lobbed a pebble of discontent into the nation’s pond that could, if separartists have their way, ripple into a tidal wave in La Belle Province.

The “pebble” is 63-year old former Toronto Star reporter, Angelo Persichilli, the man the PM has tagged to be his new Director of Communications.

It’s a somewhat surprising choice considering the novice Directeur des Communications can’t speak French, and that as a columnist, has taken a shot at Quebec.

In a piece he wrote for the Star last year, Persichilli  said “Many are tired of the annoying lament from a province that keeps yelling at those Angelo Persichilliwho pay part of its bills and are concerned by the over-representation of francophones in our bureaucracy, our Parliament and our institutions. The special treatment given to Quebec is balkanizing this country so that all the provinces are starting to consider Ottawa only as an ATM machine that dispenses money.”

While his views may be shared by many in TROC, (the rest of Canada) they ruffled the feathers of Quebec’s politicos.

Now, it could be that most Quebecers won’t give a rats’ derriere about Persichilli’s lack of French, or his swipes at their province, but some have begun wailing and are pumping up the volume.

Gilles Rheaume, a Quebec separatist who speaks for something called “The League Against Canadian Quebec Bashing” has filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

He claims, and he may have a point considering the laws of the land, (like ‘em or lump ‘em) that “Francophones across Canada, notably in Quebec, have the full right to engage directly, without intermediaries and in their language, with this member of the Prime Minister’s Office.”

Conservative Senators from Quebec have expressed their dismay with the move, and Liberal MP Denis Coderre was a little more blunt, calling Persichilli’s appointment…”bullshit.”

In response to his critics, Persichilli promises to work hard on his French and treat all Quebecers with the utmost respect.

However, it’s highly unlikely members of the French Media will reciprocate, firing off questions en Francais, hoping to embarrass the man and score a “no comprende.”

Bilingualism… ain’t it great!

Bon chance, Monsieur Persichilli!

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Hurray For Hurley!

- February 8th, 2011

And now, the OTHER reason I like Elizabeth Hurley.


The lady has no time for humourless schmucks!

In case you missed it, Liz fronted one of three Super Bowl ads for the on-line coupon site Groupon, in which she points out that “deforestation” can be a good thing.

Take a look. 

Funny?  Innocent? 

Not according to the “Pickle” people… those finger wagging, tight asses, who dashed off complaints, claiming Ms. Hurley was making light of a serious environmental issue!


A Groupon spokesman points out (for the exceedingly slow) that the ads are a parody of celebrity-narrated public service announcements. 

The other ads featured Cuba Gooding Jr. and Timothy Hutton, spoofing appeals for endangered whales and Tibet.

On her Twitter page, Hurley responded to the “uptights”, including a TV critic who called the ads “reprehensible!”

She tweeted… “Thanks to all who like the Groupon ads and, please, lighten up detractors!  I think they’re v funny & v silly.  Just as a  joke should be…..”

And thank YOU, Liz. 

Thank YOU, for not caving to these nattering nabobs of negativism…

Thank YOU, for NOT apologizing!

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Twain Marked For Edit!

- January 6th, 2011

Attacked over the years for its “vulgarity”, violent content and inappropriate references to racial minorities, Mark Twain’s masterpiece “ The  Adventures Huckleberry Finn” has undergone a cleansing.

Huck Finn and Jim

Come next month, the Alabama publishing house NewSouth Books, will release a politically correct version of the classic, minus the words “nigger” and “injun”.

It’s the publishers’ belief, that by eliminating the offensive language, Mr. Twain’s work will have broader appeal… in other words, increase book sales.

Few will argue that “nigger” is now the most despised word in the English language.  It’s a designation well deserved… and those who employee it should get a rap in the mouth.

But this is a period piece, circa 1840, and that was the word most used in reference to blacks.  It was a time of injustice and ignorance…the time of Huck Finn and his slave buddy, Jim.

While the story is a work of fiction, the portrayed treatment of blacks is historically correct… ugly, but factual.

What the publisher’s doing is wrong.


Editing great art to make it more palatable for the sensitive consumer, not only distorts the work… it insults the artist.

Aunt Polly’s fence needed a whitewashin’… history doesn’t.

It would make it a lie… and that’s dangerous.

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