EX-MAS! P.S.,B.S.!

- December 4th, 2011

For those who like to wail about the war on Christmas, here’s something else to get you hoppin’.

Cambridge P.S.

An Ottawa area school, Cambridge P.S. in Embrun, has pulled the plug on its’ annual Christmas concert. Replacing the annual, festive event, will be a “holiday-themed craft night” and a “nondenominational concert”, sometime in February.

The reason’s a familiar one.  A small number of the students aren’t of the faith, so when the other kids are rehearsing for the concert, they’re forced to sit out, occasionally biding their time in the principal’s office.

While exposing kids of other faiths to Christianity may be risky, (it can spread faster than an air-born contagion) can’t we lessen the threat of contamination and avoid their exclusion?

Could the little non-believers just warble secular numbers, like Frosty the Snowman or Jingle Bells … from across the stage… not getting too close to the Christian kiddies and their Joy to the World?  Maybe earplugs and blindfolds for the overly cautious?  Would uptight parents and politically correct educators be willing to chance it!?

Obviously (there’s always those who don’t get it) I’m being facetious.  And obviously, like many of you, I’ve had it up to here (hand at neck) with this nonsense!

Sign of The TimesTis the season to be jolly!  So, let’s cut the crap and employ a simple solution to this “problem”.

A number of years back, at our kids’ school in Oakville, ALL took part in the Christmas concert, INCLUDING those kids of other beliefs, who shared songs of their faith and culture.  The children loved it, the parents loved it… it was not only fun, but educational!  And ain’t that what school should be all about?

Now, for the odd bigoted, tolerance deficient parent, who might balk at this accommodation, here’s what YOU can do.  Think PRIVATE school for your little darlin’.   

To all, a Merry Christmas… or a very Happy, WHATEVER!

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  1. Laurel Grasset says:

    Yes, my sons went to a public school for awhile in junior school and they had a multi national holiday concert…Christmas and Kwaaza etc were all celebrated. When I was little (grades 2-8)(born 1953) my mom was a Jehovahs witness. I had to opt out of Christmas stuff but I managed. I helped organize stuff/hold stuff/staple stuff ‘gofer stuff’ I just did not participate in the evening of the concert. I agree with Paul….frustrating. Is this not a case also of what came first in this country?…….We will recognize; sympathize but should you not assimilate? and support us too? Not cancel us out?

  2. Leah P says:

    I definitely agree that school Christmas concerts (regardless of the school’s faith base or lack of) should allow all students to participate in some form or fashion. Coming from a Catholic elementary school experience, the Christmas concert was one of my favourite memories and something we always looked forward to. It was a celebration of our faith, as well as of the winter season in general. In addition, I can also speak from a public high school experience. I was involved in the school’s concert choir, which catered to any student who wanted to join. Over my four years in choir and our annual Christmas concerts, we tackled many genres of songs; these sometimes included spirituals and religious texts of various ethnic backgrounds. It was a great experience to learn beliefs and traditions from other countries in a way that was enjoyable! I never heard of anyone have an issue with our singing of these songs, although there were many members in choir who were not “religious.” All this is to say that Christmas is a great time to bring people of all cultures and beliefs together, rather than segregating out minorities.

  3. Alex F says:

    I totally agree. Some of the schools have gone above and beyond to try to stop children with other beliefs from being exposed to christmas. In my opinion (for what its worth) Chirstmas has become more of a commercial holiday then a religious one anyway. I see nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit and letting people share there culture for once instead of issolating them for it. I am not a very religious person so I will admit that I am approaching this concept without any real life experience but I totally understand your frustration. The idea of a “nondenominational concert” makes me think of some sort of futuristic society mirroring that of the novel 1984. Instead of crushing the fun of everyones HOLIDAY celebrations I think that all schools should take part in this blending of cultures. School is where we go to learn our life skills for the most part so why are we teaching our kids to be ,in a basic sense, intolerant of other peoples cultures?

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