Pakistan Pulls Plug On “Profane” Texting!

- November 20th, 2011

It may still be OK to fart in Pakistan, but texting a friend about the experience, is now a no-no!

Jailed Speech

The less offensive ‘F’ word is just one, of about 15-hundred English and Urdu words, banned by the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority… and cellphone companies have been told to block all text messages containing the ‘obscenities’!

Besides the obvious cusses, including THE ‘F’ word, the list contains a multitude of words deemed inappropriate, such as “gay”, “tongue’, “homosexual”, “intercourse”, “condom” and “hole”.  And, oh yes… “Jesus Christ.”  Surprised?

While Pakistan’s constitution guarantees freedom of expression, the PTA says free speech can be restricted… “in the interest of the glory of Islam!”

What a load of idiotic, ideological nonsense!  Oops, sorry! Can’t say that, either!

Is this yet another, obvious ‘heads up’?  No question.

As we battle twisted, religious zealots to bring rights and freedom to Afghanistan, ain’t it good to know that our “trusted ally” shares our values and has our back?


Price Paid

Despite all the diplomatic ‘nice’ talk from Washington, Ottawa and NATO, the fact is, we have one eye on the Taliban… the other on PakiBAN!

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