Few Flood to Miss Pakistan

- August 21st, 2010

Miss PakistanThe last thing the people of Pakistan could give a rodents, rosy red rump about these days, is an insignificant “meat show” that was held in Brampton Friday night. 

It was the eighth annual Miss Pakistan World Pageant… five finalists strutin their stuff, each hoping to snag the cherished crown!

Meanwhile, as the gals showcased their “talent”, millions back in the “homeland” continued their fight for survival…a struggle to this point, at least 1,500 have lost.   pakistan flood

For almost three weeks now, an area of Pakistan larger than England has been under water… heavy monsoon rains causing the worst flooding in the nation’s 63-year history.

The raging waters have swept away villages, knocked out roads and bridges, destroyed crops and have left millions destitute.  Almost 5-million are without shelter.  There’s fear of the spread of deadly diseases, the result of poor hygiene and sanitation.  The cases of acute diarrhoea are in the tens of thousands… and at least one case of cholera has been confirmed.

No, the people of Pakistan have no time for beauty pageants right now… but maybe another time, when they’re not so busy fighting for their lives

The organizers of the M.P.W.P. took a little flak for going ahead with the event… poor timing, inappropriate, insensitive…  that kind of thing.  They, however, defended the move, saying the pageant took a lot of planning.  There were jobs at stake.   And besides, they were taking donations for the flood victims.  Work for you?  Hopefully, the 200 or so who showed for the big night were very generous.

By the way, if anyone really cares, the 2010 model of Miss Pakistan World is… 21-year old Annie Rupani, of Texas!  Our congratulations!

Now…   the important stuff.

 If you’d like to do your bit for Pakistan, your local bank is taking donations, or you can contact the Canadian Red Cross.  Call 1-800-418-1111… or go online at http://www.redcross.ca/.

Thank you.

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