Mayor Makes Pitch To Legalize Pot!

- November 27th, 2011

Out in B.C this past week, some big guns sounded off, in support of the legalization of pot.

Mayor Robertson

In a letter to all of British Columbia’s MP’s, MLA’s, mayors and Councillors, four former Vancouver mayors stated, that “Marijuana prohibition is – without question – a failed policy”

In support of ‘Stop the Violence B. C.’, (a coalition of academics, legal experts and health professionals) the letter got a thumbs up from current Mayor, Gregor Robertson.  It highlighted the connections between pot and organized and crime, and challenged all elected officials to join the discussion on the “ineffectiveness and harms of cannabis prohibition.”

According to coalition member, retired RCMP Chief Superintendent, Vince Cain, “Legally regulating marijuana in B.C. would eliminate a primary source of revenue for these criminal groups, reduce gang violence and generate tax revenue.”

While many, over the years, have acknowledged the fact that the war on drugs has been a dismal failure, costing billions of dollars and countless lives, our Prime Minister isn’t one of them.

In response to the Mayor’s call for legalization, the PM said, “That will not happen under our government.  We’re strongly opposed to the legalization of drugs, and obviously we’re very concerned about the spread of drugs in the country and the damage we’re doing to our kids.”

Thanks, Steveo!

Kids joining gangs and killing over drug turf isn’t damaging?  Cartels stuffing their coffers and growing ever stronger isn’t damaging?

At some point, they’ll see the light on Parliament Hill.  But until they do, it’s all good for the bad guys!

I’m sure the card’s in the mail. 

A thank-you note… “from south of the border… down Mexico way.”

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  1. Bruce Marshall says:

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We’ve been doing the prohibition of pot thing for a 100 years.

    Time for something different.

    Harper is clearly a supporter of gangs and criminal businesses. Any business, no matter how shady gets his support over the needs of citizens. His government is “open for business,” after all.

  2. Brian Landon says:

    Harper is a supporter of gangs and criminal businesses???? Vancouver is the hotbed of the drug trafficking gangs in heroin, cocaine! Yep, lets all get stoned is the motto of the vancouver hip crowd of the left.

    Marijuana is still a gateway drug. Then again, all the stoners don’t really care about the fact that they are also driving cars, driving buses filled with people on the streets.
    But if you have to be stoned to exist in this world, then I suppose your life isn’t really all that worthwhile!

    And don’t go the medical marijuana route–California has proven that to be a grand failure filled with fraud and even more drug use in cocaine, etc.

  3. jessiem15 says:

    I personally do not care whether marijuana is legalized or not. I think there are definitely pros and cons for each situation. I think if they choose to make it legal though, there will be a lot of problems. If people today (especially kids), are already doing pot, then legalizing it will only lead to more people doing it. Yeah, I guess marijuana is not the worst of the drugs, but I agree in the fact that it is a gateway drug. Doing pot will no longer seem as “cool” as it once did, since now it is legal. These kids will soon be looking for a higher high, and a more sophisticated drug to be doing. This will not eliminate violence and gangs. I don’t know why it seems like marijuana is the only drug out there. There will still be criminal violence and gangs, they have other drugs to steal and deal. Overall, I think making cannabis legal is a pretty stupid decision. Hopefully they take more time to think this over.

  4. Alex F says:

    There will always be problems surrounding this issue. Both sides have an equal amount of flaws it just picking the lesser of two evils, atleast in my mind. I am a supporter of the legalization movement only because I feel that it will make it harder for young children to get. If the country could find a way to restrict and regulate the sale of marijuana it would probably bring in some money to the country. In reference to gangs and violence associated with this drug, I say that it won’t make a difference. Gangs will always exist regardless of whether we legalize a drug or not there will always be a black market for cheaper purchases of said drug. This is assuming our government will tax marijuana fairly heavily. I agree with Brian about California’s attempt being a crash and burn, but I think if we developed a system that regulated the use of recreational marijuana it would be a lot different. Also in regards to California, Canada would have to legalize Marijuana at a federal level simply because that would rule out the ability for the federal government to come into provinces where marijuana is legal and disrput the establishments that sell it. In my mind atleast that was the biggest issue in California’s plan. Overal I think that it would benefit our country to legalize marijuana, simply because it has less flaws than the system we are using now.

  5. magman593 says:

    legal and illegal drugs are both abused and should be avoided if at all possible that said making a product or service illegal just sets up opportunities for gangs and other criminals but it does keep our police and jails judges and prosecutors busy why would we wouldn’t want them dealing with violence and theft and other real criminal behavior

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