Off Track Sport Trac Tangles with Pole! Or, “Sorry Dad, I Bent The Truck!”

- January 2nd, 2012

‘Twas almost the New Year and thanks to the ice…the driving was tricky, not very nice.

Cars slipping and sliding, some out of control…the unlucky, like us, maybe kissing a pole!’


For those who have driven for any length of time in the Great White North, it’s likely, at some point, you’ve experienced that feeling of total helplessness. No matter the caution taken, the experience or training, the elements will have their way. It’s a heart pounding journey of split-seconds… the outcome in the hands of the gods.

Returning home from supper Friday night, our son, the designated driver, was tossed a curve by Mother Nature… a flash freeze!

We started to slide! It was heart in the throat, hang on tight time!

As I fought the urge to bark out advice, I observed his reaction… no panic, it was text book. But, unfortunately, it was futile.

When I close my eyes, I can still see it… that menacing black column that appeared to be rushing our truck like a racing locomotive. There was no avoiding it. The point of impact would be the driver’s side… our son would take a direct hit!

I’ll never forget that bone-chilling THUD… the explosion of air-bags. The smoke-filled cab and the crunching sound of the hydro pole as it glanced off the roof and landed on the hood.

And I’ll never forget how it seemed like an eternity before I heard the voices of my wife and son assuring me they were fine.

Tough Ford!

While the driver’s side had been crumpled like discarded paper in a wastebasket, our son, momentarily trapped, managed to escape with minor cuts and bruises. Carol and I were likewise fortunate.

Those who have seen the damage just shake their heads. Depending on their beliefs, either Lady Luck had smiled upon us… or Devine intervention had allowed us to walk away. I’m not sure who, or what to credit, but I do know I couldn’t be more grateful.

And a special thanks to those who responded. Police, the CAA, and the number of concerned passersby who offered assistance… we truly appreciate it.

To them, and all of you (including the idiot who ignored the flashing lights and went into a skid, necessitating a ditch dive!)… A very Happy, and SAFE New Year!

P.S. Ford tough? Damn right!

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  1. Stephanie M says:

    Wow!! Looking at the damage you certainly did have someone looking over you and protecting you. Glad you all were alright! Vehicles can be replaced, but loved ones cannot!

  2. Erin Montgomery says:

    Pete and I saw the hydro pole on our way home….I was hoping no one we knew was involved…when we heard it was OUR Motts we were sick…..can’t tell you how relieved we are to know you are all ok (for the most part)…love you guys xoxo

  3. Laurel Grasset says:

    Yes I second what Erin said…..did not realize it was your son taking the brunt so am very happy all the family members are ok!

  4. Mary Speck says:

    Glad to hear all three of you walked away from this uninjured. Wow, what a great little Ford truck to withstand a collision with a hydro pole! Goes to show you how well built they are, wouldn’t drive any other brand myself.

  5. Kelly (from Guelph) says:

    Unbelievable! I’m glad everybody is okay, too! Did Garret get out and kick the truck like I did when I wrote off my Dad’s Grand Torino when I was 16?

  6. Vardit says:

    Just thank goodness everyone is fine.

  7. janet says:

    Black ice is terrifying and there is nothing you can do about it. Thank God your son had the presence of mind to remember what to do. I’m so glad all of you are ok. My dad used to say “They make cars every day of the week-as long as the people are fine, everything will work out.” Best wishes to all of you.

  8. Sandra says:

    I’m so glad you guys are alright!! I didn’t know about it until I listened to your podcast this morning. It brought back memories of my son who was rear-ended on the 401, London bound early in November. Perfect road conditions and the driver that rear-ended him was charged at the scene. When we went to get him, we couldn’t believe he walked away from it. It was very scary and I’m sure that’s how you guys felt Friday night!

  9. James says:

    That’s a memorable Christmas present. Glad everyone was OK.

    By the way, Devine is an Irish surname (or perhaps a gaudily made up prostitute). Divine relates to the concept of holiness and the supernatural. ;)

  10. Kim and Larry DeBruyn says:

    Having just read your article on black ice I had to agree “Lady Luck” did reign on you. On Thursday, December 22 , 8:30 a.m. we lost our 23 year old, only daughter, Abby DeBruyn. Abby rounded a bend near our home on 25 Sideroad west of Acton and eventually lost her life to black ice. Abby was a young new teacher ready to start her life, just finished her education and graduated from teacher’s college and was on her way to her teaching job with Christmas gifts loot bags as it was the last day of school. According to police it was a “single car” vehicle accident but since then I have learned that there was another car in the ditch directly across from her and several large tree trucks coming toward her. When her car hit the black ice her car slid and she hit a tree very similar to your hydro pole. Abby sustained a very serious head injury and was airlifted to Hamilton General Hospital. Another car several miles up the road had overturned as well. The results for us were devastating and so many lives have been changed. Abby’s organs were donated to the Gift of Life and four people, including a child who received her heart, benefited from her gift. In the aftermath of her accident our lives have been shattered and my husband and I left shocked and in terrible grief. My 82 year old mother passed away on the Monday that week after a 9 month battle with colon cancer eventually spending her last 50+ days at a brand new hospice Bethell House in Englewood. To have my mother and daughter pass in the same week is unbearable. Please, no need to make any more news of this event as it was all over the internet and TV, but your article leapt out at me and somehow I felt the compelled to tell you how “Divine Intervention” certainly ruled in your case as well as ours. Most of all what we have experienced from this terrible tragedy is the coming together of a community, the kindness of others, and how as long term residents of an area all the neighbours band together to help us. There are still good people in this world and we thank each and everyone of them especially both the health care teams, at the hospital and hospice and all the EMS who attended Abby’s accident. On another note, I used to listen to your show on CFRB and was saddened by your departure and can honestly say I do not like CFRB anymore and often feel the need to switch stations when listening.

    Yours truly,

    Kim and Larry DeBruyn

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