The Crucifixion of Krista!

- September 3rd, 2012

There’s no argument. In any sexual assault, there’s only one party at fault… the perpetrator. The victim is innocent, blameless, even if she’s all dolled up like Hickory Holler’s tramp.

To suggest she was “asking for it” based on her dress, is not only unjust and hurtful, it’s ridiculous. I’ve yet to meet the woman who seeks to suffer a violent act.

Krista Ford

All women should be able to walk our streets day or night, without fear of being attacked. But the fact is SHOULD, won’t stop the bad guys… and never will.

No law, or any amount of education, will ever eliminate society’s predators.

While it may be viewed as “unfair”, or if you prefer, “sexist”, the reality is, unaccompanied women must always be cautious. Not paranoid, but aware of their vulnerability given the time and place.

In response to a series of sexual assaults in Toronto, Krista Ford, niece of Mayor Rob, tweeted some advice to women…. “Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self defence classes… and don’t dress like a whore!”

Not surprisingly, all Hell broke loose… the twitterverse overflowing with scolding tweets, condemnations of her “ignorant” views.

It was pointed out to Ms. Ford that conservative dress was no guaranteed defence against rape… that even women in burkas have been victimized.

She was accused of blaming the victim, that a woman dressed provocatively, was, to some degree, responsible for being attacked… told, that what a woman wears should never be an issue!

I would agree, it shouldn’t be… but in some cases, it COULD be.

To simply dimiss the possibilty, that a woman’s skimpy attire could be a contributing factor in an assault, is not only silly, but dishonest.

The fact is, a woman who dresses to get attention, does, at times, get the unwanted kind… as any hooker will tell you, advertising works.

Beaten down by the critics, Ms. Ford apologized for her tweet, saying she only wanted to keep women safe.

I, for one, believe her, and I don’t think an apology was necessary.

Again, women who suffer an attack, should never, ever, be burdened with blame… but they might be guilty of exercising poor judgement.

Ask any responsible parent, why they don’t allow their teenage daughter to dress like the latest tart-costumed, pop star.

I think they might tell you, that they live in the world that IS… not the world that SHOULD be.

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  1. Anna Osterberg says:

    I completely agree with this post. In any situation, assault is assault; there are some horrible people in the world, and it is those people that are always to blame, not the victim. However, everyone, man or woman, has a responsibility to do what they can to protect themselves. In this specific case, women are free to dress and act in any way they choose, and rightfully so. The awareness of the fact that these choices could put them at higher risk must be acknowledged, and I believe that that is all Ms. Ford meant to do. Her choice of words may have been questionable, but her message was clear, and I think that her well-meant intention should be analyzed, not criticized.

  2. Brennyn W. says:

    I love this piece. I agree with everything that is being said. I have heard it before that woman are “asking for it” when they “dress like a whore” but as humans we have the rights to dress and act in anyway we want and should not free being attacked and taken advantage of. I have found myself on the odd occasional walking home from a friends late at night and I do have fears of being attacked so I understand where these woman are coming from, no woman deserves or is asking for sexual assault no matter what she wears or how she acts.

  3. Greg K says:

    While free will is available to everyone involving how they dress I do have to agree that it makes more sense to dress moderately in a possibly dangerous situation. While I agree with all that the article said, my issue involves the words Krista Ford used. Even I agree that some of the outrage was justified but at this point I can’t make a judgement, because I don’t personally know if Ford is sticking by this statement or if it was a “foot in the mouth” situation.
    In the end though, I just have to say that it was very foolish and quite ignorant of what Krista Ford had said.

  4. Ted Thompson says:

    So, the Mutts are still around. I used to listen to John on CKTB but I switched off when they came on. What a pair of smarmy idiots!

  5. paul.mott says:

    Switched off?! C’mon Ted, you were never switched ON!

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