‘ang In, ‘arry!

- August 26th, 2012

Who, beyond the half-century mark can honestly say, they never had their own, “shooting strip pool in a Vegas hotel suite”, moment?


Who, thinking back, doesn’t thank their lucky stars, that the advent of the cell phone was decades off… as far-fetched an idea as the Dick Tracy radio watch?

Admit it, or not, the fact is, most can recall at least one occasion that would have made them a You Tube star… a youthful brain fart, that could’ve  put a nick in the “family’s good name.”

Yes, bonnie Prince Harry is different than most young men.  He’s a member of our Royal family, third in line to the throne.  He’s an officer and a gentleman in Her Majesty’s service… and like his mother, a goodwill ambassador, travelling the globe in support of charitable causes.  He’s also, apparently, a damn fine polo player.

But, like the rest of us, Harry’s a mere mortal, and thus fallible… subject to an act of indiscretion, a yahoo moment… like being caught on camera, sans knickers, up close and personal, with a bare-bottomed lass. 

Obviously, a tad embarrassing, but not a crime… no damage done, no one lost an eye.

So, to all the finger wagers and tsk-tskers out there, lighten up… cut the kid some slack!  There, but for the lack of advanced technology, go most of us!

I think it’s safe to say, our Prince has learned his lesson.  That being, If HIS  isn’t caged… beware the birdie!

Party on, your Highness!


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  1. Karen Folques says:

    Hi Paul…

    Overall, I agree with you…nobody lost an eye, nothing illegal happened and Prince Harry isn’t married, etc…However, I reminded myself of what I tended to think back a few years ago when the media was reporting on the Queen and Prince Phillip even in the same vein as it does actors and musicians. Gossipy, critiquing their clothes, stuff like that. And I said, the Queen is not Kate Winslet or even Helen Mirren…they aren’t celebrities, they are part of a rich history of a governmental system. I’ve been thinking that Harry’s behavior kind of gives those who don’t understand that a boost. I suppose if the cell phones et al had been confiscated and we didn’t ‘know’ about it, it would be different. But, somewhere in there I still have a little bit of a concern that Harry, in spite of his excellent deportment on behalf of the Queen, at heart is a bit too ‘celeb’. Of course, I think Prince Andrew was similar…we just never saw pictures.

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