Muslim Cleric Makes Clothing Call For Canuck Chicks!

- July 16th, 2012

So, according to a street corner Islamic preacher in Toronto, what this country needs is a “dress code” for women… a law that would require them to “cover up”, eliminating the likelihood of sexual assault.

Big Al!

One, Al-Haashim Kamena Alangana believes, that the recent attacks at York University could have been avoided, if our ladies were forced to don the more modest dress of Muslim women.

Quick!  Somebody get a net… or a ticket for this cat back to the 12th century!  Like maybe Afghanistan.  I hear the Taliban have a few openings!

Like all Muslim men who insist their women be decked out in, what I call the “beekeeper suit”, Mr. Atangana, in my humble opinion, is a misogynist pig! (I can’t spell chauvinist)

The truth, as I see it, is that this is about dominance, not modesty… perpetrated on women for centuries by insecure men who fear they don’t have the right “stuff” to hang onto a woman… a way of discouraging any challenge for what is THEIRS… an attempt to keep the “hounds” off!  They, like Mr. A. believe that if you can’t get a peek at the goods, you won’t want the goods.

Of course, they, he, couldn’t be more wrong.  Cocooning your gal in bolts of cloth does not discourage unsolicited advances.  For God’s (your choice) sake man, read a book, or a newspaper… catch a newscast!

Show me a Muslim woman who’s ever tripped (literally) through the streets of Cairo, who’s never had her tucked away tuckus touched, (or much worse!) and I’ll show you a woman too quick to catch!

Now, normally I wouldn’t dare presume to speak on behalf of our Canadian lasses, but in this case I think I’m safe.

I believe, given the opportunity, they would say to friend, Atangana… “Drop dead, Jack!”…

Or…“Catch a flight out of Pearson!”


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  1. julie hand says:

    I agree with you Paul. This guy need to get a flight to the real world. Why should women who live in a modern coun try have to cover up? It doesn’t matter what a woman is wearing if a predator decides to pick her. It is not her fault that there are creeps in this world. And why should this man try to change the way that we live and dress? If he doesn’t like it then go back to his own country! I am glad your blog is back

  2. Nick says:

    Good call. Hope you enjoy your vacation and the fish bite. If your better half dose not soon blog she can just repost the last “she says” about the end of summer. Just sayinf

  3. john says:

    I find it amazing that he really believes all this falsehood and crap. On top of that I cannot believe that other Muslims have not tried stepping in to quiet or correct him. He is bringing unwanted attention to and making a mockery of their Muslim Faith; causing further alienation in our society. There have been numerous cases of Muslim women who were raped; even though they were dressed in their Burkas. These rapes were not their fault, they did not welcome or ask for it. Soon after, they were killed (so called honour killings) by those they trusted and should have been there to protect them (i.e.father, brothers, uncles, cousins …). All because they brought shame upon their family, because, they must have done something wrong, after all the rape must have been their fault (never the mans).

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