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- May 1st, 2012

A wee tip of the hat to U.S. President Barack Obama, for pulling off his, ‘in your face, terrorist dudes’, visit to Afghanistan …on the anniversary of the Bin Laden hit!

Osama Bin dead one year!

Well done, Sir! 

I can only imagine the mad scramble at bad guy HQ …” He’s where? Here? NOW!? …DOH!!!”

Under cover of darkness, Air Force One slipped into Bagram Air Field, the main U.S. base there, where the Prez caught a copter flight to Kabul for a meeting with his counterpart, (like, really!?) Afghan Grand Poobah, Ahmid Karzai.

The two signed an agreement that will broadly govern America’s role in that “garden” nation, beyond Uncle Sam’s combat role at the end of 2014.

Obviously, this was a gutsy move on the part of the President. While it may score him some points this election year, (his opponents will deem it a stunt) setting foot on enemy turf, no matter how well he’s protected, is always risky.

Da Prez!

Kabul is anything but a safe zone, with on-going insurgent attacks …and then, there’s “Krazy Karzai.”

I assume this wasn’t a surprise visit …that Karzai knew Obama was coming … which, I also assume, was cause for a little concern.

Ahmid, you see, is NOT one of America’s BFF’s.

Last month, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, spoke with U.S. Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta …the following is a transcript, of a portion of that interview:

BLITZER: You trust Afghan president, Mr. Secretary, Hamid Karzai?

PANETTA: He – he is the leader of Afghanistan.

BLITZER: Do you trust him?

PANETTA: Well, I mean I – I’ve sat down with him. I talk with him. We talk pretty frankly with each other. And, you know, he is – he is the the leader and he is the person we have to deal with.

BLITZER: Does that mean you trust him?

PANETTA: Well, I mean, certainly, you know, you – you trust the leaders that you – you have to deal with. But you always kind of watch your back at the same time.

BLITZER: That doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement of the leader of Afghanistan.

PANETTA: Well, you know, it’s – it’s true for any leader we deal with. You know, you’re…

BLITZER: But this one has said awful things about the United States.

PANETTA: No, I understand. And, obviously, that’s been – that’s been a concern. But at the same time, we have had the ability to directly relate to him when it comes to some of the major issues that we’ve had to confront.

I think the answer the Secretary was trying to avoid, was …NO! WE CAN’T TRUST THAT A-HOLE, AS FAR AS WE CAN THROW HIM!!!

Dumb and Dumber!

Unfortunately, we too, will continue our association with Karzai …and I’m sure Ottawa agrees …WE CAN’T TRUST THAT A-HOLE, AS FAR AS WE CAN THROW HIM!!!

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Monday Night Football punts Hank Williams Jr.!

- October 11th, 2011

So, Monday Night Football has pulled the plug on Hank Williams Jr., ending a 22-year relationship and sacrificing one of the best theme songs in all of pro sports… “Are you ready for some football!?”  Yeah!!!

"Are you ready for some football!?"

Hank’s crime, in case you missed it, was using the “H” word… Hitler. (Apologies)

While talking politics on Fox and Friends,he said President Obama’s golf game with Speaker of the House, Republican, John Boehner … would be like the Nazi leader playing a round, with Israeli PM, Benny Netanyahu!

It was obviously an analogy, but those who didn’t get it, or didn’t WANT to get it claimed Hank was COMPARING the President to Der Fuhrer! 

What nonsense!

Nonetheless, ESPN retreated faster than a hound on a skunk!  It was more important to placate the sillies, kill any controversy and protect the bottom line, than send in the “D” for a long time friend.

How sad.

As I’m sure you’re more than aware, we live in an age of political correctness… and the PCer’s rule with an iron fist.  No matter how innocent, or unintentional a slight might be, the “offended“, are “traumatized” and must be given their pound of flesh.  While some may settle for a down on the knees, face in the dirt apology, many will accept nothing less than a shunning or termination.

And sadly, rather than fight for what’s right, corporate cowards cave under the pressure… a loyal employee kicked to the curb out of fear of controversy.

Maybe the boys on the board at ESPN should just drop Monday Night Football all together.  After all, If you’re going to be involved in a man’s sport, maybe you should be one.

 It’s time to strap on a BIG pair, guys… those tiny ones are unbecoming.

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Benji Bites Barack!

- May 21st, 2011

It’s nice to know that even those at the very top can suffer an embarrassing brain fart every now and again… that’s it’s not just something we mere mortals suffer.

The Prez!

Example:  In a speech on the Middle-East this past week, U.S. president, Barack Obama said, “The boarders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized boarders are established for both states.”

Needless to say, B.O.’s statement raised a few eyebrows.  The terrorist led (Hamas) Palestinians were all a-giggle… the Israelis, dumbstruck! 

That is, until Israeli Prime Minister, Benny Netanyahu showed up at the White House the next day, and diplomatically carved Obama a new one.

Obviously annoyed, and with a “what the hell were you thinkin’” look on his face, the P.M. told the Prez, that a return to the 67 boarders as a starting point for Mideast peace, was a no go… ain’t gonna happen… fuggeddaboudit!

Our friends in Ottawa were also surprised by Obama’s remarks… and have gone on record as opposing them.

P.M. Benny!

If you’re not familiar with the “Six Day War”, and the lands taken by Israel, and would care to learn more, Google it.  You’ll find that the Israelis have been fighting for survival, and kicking ass, ever since their nation was born way back in 48.

After serving a year (mid 60’s) as a U.N. Peacekeeper in the Middle-East, my late father told me that he had just wasted 12 months of his life on a lost cause… that peace would NEVER come to that part of the world.

Unfortunately… he has yet to be proven wrong.

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