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Nabbed Nathan!

- June 21st, 2011

I don’t know about you, but it certainly didn’t work on me.

No, the weepy apology offered up by 17-year old Nathan Kotylak, the now infamous, baby-faced, Vancouver rioter and alleged cop car torcher, missed my heart by a country mile!


After the Boston Bruins scored the big mug, in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup finals last week, Nathan and a hoard of other jerks wreaked havoc on the downtown core of VanCity. 

Cars were burned, stores looted and a dozen or so participants and on-lookers wound up in hospital.

The damning evidence facing young Nathan, is a video, in which he’s shown messing with a cop car gas cap… rag and lighter in hand!  While he claims he didn’t light the rag, it appears he may have helped fuel the fire that eventually destroyed the cruiser.

He claims he’s “truly ashamed’ of what he did… that there’s “no excuse” for his behaviour.  He said…  “For reasons I can’t really explain, I went from being a spectator to becoming part of the mob mentality that swept through many members of the crowd.”  Well said.  I wonder who wrote it.

Nathan Kotylak has already paid a price for his actions… public humiliation, suspension from the National Junior Men’s Water Polo Team, and a university scholarship could be lost.

Baaaaad Nathan!

Some would say he’s suffered enough… he’s a first time offender and he has apologized.  Those “some” would be wrong.

What this kid should get, if found guilty, is a good slap from the hand on the long arm of the law. 

He should be handed a bill for the cruiser… and a period of incarceration!  Arson and vandalism a serious crimes, that should bring serious consequences.

A slap on the wrist, like a fine or community service, would send the wrong message.

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