Kid Khadr’s Future…A View From The 8-Ball!

- October 1st, 2012

So, what does the future hold for convicted Al Qaeda terrorist Omar Khadr, now repatriated, snuggled away in his Millhaven cell?

Will he soon walk amongst us, embracing our values, lugging a fat wallet, compliments of the taxpayer?  Is this what’s in store for our native son, who was led astray by a fanatical family, sided with the enemy and snuffed out the life of an American G.I. in Afghanistan?

Kid Khadr

Well, it’s a possibility. 

His parole eligibility date is mere months off, his lawyers claim he wishes a “normal” life… and of course he’s suing us ($10-million) for failing to rescue him from his evil, Yankee captors, who kept him caged for a decade in Guantanamo bay, Cuba.

But the fact is no-one knows for sure what awaits Mr. Khadr, that being the sole knowledge of a much higher source… I refer, of course, to THE MAGIC 8 BALL!

Here goes. 

Will Omar Khadr be released by summer?

Shake, shake, shake… ”Lookin’ good!”

Has he had a change of heart, sorry for what he did?

Shake, shake, shake… ”Highly unlikely!”

Will his suit against the Feds (us) score him a handsome settlement?

Shake, shake, shake… ”Oy vey!”

Facing harassment/persecution, will young Mr. K. eventually flee Canada, scoring hero status in a Muslim state?

Shake, shake, shake… ”I wouldn’t say no!”

If there’s a season this year, will the Leafs have a shot at the Cup?

Shake… ”Save it! I don’t do stupid questions!”

Sorry about that… just one more question.

Should there be such a place, should ma and pa Khadr burn in Hell for twisting the minds of their children, preaching violence and filling them with hate?

Shake, shake, shake… ”Ha! Got him…  awaitin’ her!”

Thank-you, Magic 8.

Shake, shake, shake… ”Don’t mention it.”

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  1. Brennyn W. says:

    I believe that if someone has served the time given to them by the justice system then they should be trusted and that people should respect the fact they the former criminal has completed their punishment and have no further obligations to the justice system. Omar Khdar will have done his time and should be released with everyone believing he has been rehabilitated as he is supposed to be under the our judicial system. Omar Khard will have done his time, he should not be judged.

  2. Jason says:

    Okay Brennyn, I’ll bite. I will GLADLY welcome Omar into my home and I will feed him out of my own pocket (in accordance with his Muslim customs) provided that upon his departure from Milhaven he denounces terrorism. If that man exits the prison, publishes a public apology for attempting to kill Canadian troops in Afghanistan, and supporting a hostile network of terrorists he will be welcome into the country my forefathers built. In the meantime, I will be checking over my shoulder, and making a wide berth around parked cars outside the TSX and CN Tower.

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