Iran’s Pursuit of Nukes May Draw Fire!

- November 15th, 2011

If Iran’s leadership truly believes it can defy the world and pursue its’ plans to build nuclear weapons, and avoid a military conflict…its’ collective ‘nuttiness’ is greater than suspected!

Nut and Nuke!

For the first time ever, the United Nation’s International Atomic Energy Agency says, it now suspects that Iran IS conducting secret experiments, specific to the production of nuclear arms.

Not surprisingly, the Iranians deny it, saying the IAEA report just “repeats the past claims by the U.S. and the Zionist regime (Israel)”.

But, if the proof is there, and the Iranians can’t be convinced to drop their pursuit of nuclear weapons… there’s gonna be some shootin’! It may be messy, but nothing compared to the fallout, should Iran’s mad Mullahs get their mitts on nukes.

Middle-East expert Walid Phares, says further isolating Iran, slapping on more sanctions, might force it to back off, but only with a push from its’ people. (Check out our podcast of Nov. 11th… ) He says our best hope of avoiding war is an Iranian ‘Arab Spring’, a deprived, disgruntled population, overthrowing the government.


While we in the west might be willing to give tougher sanctions a shot, and hope for a revolution, the Israelis won’t be as patient, they can’t run the risk.

A nuclear armed Iran would be a nightmare, affording the ‘wacko-tollahs’ a means to achieve their dream…the destruction of Israel.

Mr. Ahmadinejad… HEADS UP!

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