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Vacation breasts: Is an enhanced bust the next must-pack travel item?

- November 19th, 2014


Is it possible we’ll see the day when packing your vacation breasts is on par with travel insurance?

ABC News reports a New York doctor named Norman Rowe is developing a temporary breast enhancement procedure that gives women a boost of up to one-and-a-half cup sizes for two to three weeks. It’s being called ‘vacation breasts’ and is marketed toward women who want to increase their bust size before they sport a bikini on holiday.

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The doctor previously developed a saline injection called InstaBreast which takes 20 minutes to inject, lasts 24 hours and costs $2,500 per procedure.

“Twenty-four hours is great, but it’s still just 24 hours,” Rowe told ABC News, explaining why he is developing the new formula. He said the product can also help women decide whether or not they want to purchase more permanent implants or could be used for calf implants on men.

ABC’s medical contributor Dr. Jennifer Ashton warned women of the risks. “With this procedure, there is the risk of hitting a blood vessel with the injection, as well as a risk of infection,” she said.

Additionally, the U.K.’s Daily Mail spoke with Dr. Ash Mosahebi, director of surgery of the London Plastic Surgery Centre, who also warned “what you rely on here is that the saline is absorbed, but one side could go quicker than the other. You could be left with one side a B cup and one side a D cup, and who knows how long for.”

It will still be about two years before Rowe’s newest formula is approved by the FDA.

What do you think? Have you ever wished you could change anything about yourself before a vacation?

Canadians to escape winter driving, shoveling snow with beach vacations: Survey

- November 17th, 2014


Canadians who plan to escape the cold weather this winter are being pushed to sunny Caribbean beaches because of a dislike of the dark (39%), winter driving (30%) and shoveling snow (25%), according to a new survey from


The data, released via the 2014 Escape Winter Report, shows most Canadians plan to travel with their partner (45%) or family (33%) this holiday season, though residents of Quebec are three times as likely to travel on their own versus other Canadians.

Before hitting the beach, 55% of Canadians said they bought new clothes and 42% said they get a haircut. Nineteen per cent of women said they dieted before their sunny south vacation, while 12% of men said the same.

The majority of survey respondents (54%) said they book their trip online.

Hockey Night in Cuba: Cruise the Caribbean with former NHL players

- November 6th, 2014
Bernie Nicholls, Jack Valiquette and Gary Leeman. (QMI Agency file photos)

Bernie Nicholls, Jack Valiquette and Gary Leeman. (QMI Agency file photos)

This winter, cruise Cuba with some of the NHL’s biggest stars.

Former players from the Toronto Maple Leafs, Calgary Flames, Montreal Canadiens and Edmonton Oilers have joined Cuba Cruise to launch the special Hockey Night in Cuba cruise program, combining fun in the sun with special events featuring six players from across Canada.

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The seven-night cruise will depart Havana on Jan. 12, 2015 before sailing to six ports of call, including Santiago de Cuba and Montego Bay, Jamaica. A free commemorative jersey, Canadian beer, Alberta steaks, meet-and-greets with players including Bernie Nicholls, Gary Leeman and Jack Valiquette, and hockey-themed events are all part of the program.

Courtsy Cuba Cruise

Courtsy Cuba Cruise

“We are excited to welcome aboard some of Canada’s great hockey champions this season, such as 1993 Stanley Cup winner Gary Leeman,” Dugald Wells, Cuba Cruise president, said in a statement. “Creating unique programs for fellow Canadians to enjoy both onshore and onboard is our top priority, from serving Canadian beer and broadcasting NHL games in our Sports Bar to offering Hemingway-inspired walking tours and Cuban countryside visits.”

Rates for the Hockey Night in Cuba cruise start at $1,442, including taxes and flights from Toronto. Cruise-only rates start at $830. Up to two kids sail for free. To book and for full details, visit and use code HOCKEY.

Mix up some scares with Halloween cocktails from the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

- October 29th, 2014
(Courtesy Fairmont Scottsdale Princess)

(Courtesy Fairmont Scottsdale Princess)

Boo! If you’re throwing a Halloween party this year and are looking for a few frightful drinks to mix up for friends, the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess has a spooktacular solution with three specialty drinks from their Plaza Bar.

Based on classic tales of horror, The Ripper, Wolfsbane and Penny Dreadful martinis are the perfect brew for this haunting time of year. The Plaza Bar itself will also be decorated in the spirit of foggy 1880s Victorian London, complete with walking dead waiters. Find ingredients for these three wicked potions below and happy Halloween!

Haunted Halloween drinks – Courtesy Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

The Ripper – The featured craft cocktail poured from The Plaza Bar’s celebrated “black handle” masterfully mixed with house-made raspberry vodka, blood orange syrup and lemon juice, served up with a bay leaf.

Wolfsbane – An elixir inspired by werewolf legends, it is made with 1 ½ ounces sweet rum, ½ ounce of violet reduction, ¾ ounce of lime juice and is served over ice and garnished with a rosemary sprig.

Penny Dreadful – Giving a nod to the sensational and cheap 19th Century British novels, this cocktail is made with 1 ½ ounces house-made lime vodka, ½ ounce of lime cordial, ½ ounce of simple syrup and 2 ounces of bitter lemon soda and is served tall with an edible flower garnish.

Canadians crossing the U.S. border for cheaper airfare

- October 23rd, 2014


Have you ever driven across the border to an American airport to catch your flight? According to new data from New York state’s Buffalo Niagara International Airport, 2 million Canadians did just that from Buffalo alone when vacationing last year.

Drawn by a trio of cost-and-time saving benefits, Canadians have decided that an extra hour spent driving to the airport is well worth it. By crossing the border, travellers avoid ever increasing airport taxes and fees, save by booking domestic U.S. fares and go through customs and immigration at a land crossing instead of at the airport.

“Southern Ontarians have to bear some of the highest travel costs in the country,” Pascal Cohen, senior manager of marketing & aviation business development at Buffalo Niagara International Airport, said in a statement. “We are here to offer an attractive alternative for travellers to save on their travel by flying from across the border.”

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Using fare pricing from, the Buffalo Airport estimates a family of four will save more than $500 by flying to Orlando, Fla. from Buffalo instead of Toronto Pearson International Airport. Rates for parking are also about $20 cheaper per week in Buffalo.

“We are rolling out the red carpet to Canadians to experience all of the benefits of flying from Buffalo,” said Cohen. “Once they do, we know we will see them again.”

Fee comparison example for a party of four, flying roundtrip to Orlando in February 2015 (Tuesday to Tuesday). Includes first checked in bag per traveller and parking for one week in lowest priced discount lot. Average of lowest available airfares inclusive of taxes per